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Events for 06/19/2018

We flew through spring and now summer is here! Can we already be in June?! Time does not wait on us; therefore, we should not be sitting too still. God wants us building that relationship with Him and sharing that love with others.

The season for Upward Soccer has come to an end with 58 children having participated on 10 different teams. We had a celebration night with over 200 people in attendance and all of the students were awarded a soccer ball for their playing. Our speaker was a weight lifter who encouraged those in attendance with words that applied to weight lifting and life. He told us to step up, plant our feet, and look up! We have to step up in life, make sure we are on a firm foundation, and look up to God for the strength we need to lift the weights or walk in life! It was a great season and many lives and families experienced the love of Jesus.

Our spring also included a great time with the Block Party here on campus. We had a good crowd who were loved on through the many games, music, food, drinks, and most of all through the lives of each of you talking and sharing life all around the courtyard.

It is also exciting to think that we are sharing the love of Jesus with the people of Georgetown in Washington, DC through the love offering for the church plant, Veritas City Church. Pastor Greg Gibson and his family have been faithful to God and the church is reaching people in the community. They now have over 50 in attendance each week and have had 12 professions of faith. Our gifts to them will assist them to be in their storefront space for a permanent home for the only Bible-believing church in the area! Your gifts help in sharing the love of Jesus!

I am still celebrating with God over our Freedom to Grow Day Offering which retired the debt and put over $16,000 in the bank! God is proving that we cannot out give Him. When we trust God with our finances by giving our tithe and offerings, He is faithful in our provision. Seek Him, Listen to Him, Hear Him, Obey Him, and Trust Him, start giving your tithe today!

                                                                                                                 I love being your pastor,



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1 Peter Sermon Series

Upward Soccer

 Upward Soccer has begun! We have 57 children from Kindergarten to 5th grade signed up to play. Our eight coaches (Wendy, Julie, Marion, Kevin, Bobby, Thomas, Will and Tommy) are working with the ten teams to prepare them not only for the games but also developing each child’s character. Upward Soccer is about building children into total athletes through developing them:

  •  Mentally - Making Wise Decisions
  • Athletically - Improving Physical Ability
  • Spiritually - Embracing Life’s Purpose
  • Socially - Fostering Healthy Relationships

We will have games each Saturday until May 12th (except April 7 = Spring Break) starting at 9:00am and 10:00am. You are invited to join us for the fun of the game but also to build some relationships with the parents and grandparents. God may have a divine appointment for you with a family that will bring them into a true and right relationship with Him.

Each week, the Upward players will be awarded “stars” for their playing and being a part of the team. Maybe we should award “stars” at Springdale for the same categories!  

  • Effort = working hard to try your best at all times  
  • Sportsmanship = showing respect to your team and opponents  
  • Offense = working together to score  
  • Defense = working together to prevent goals  
  • Christlikeness = doing your best to imitate Jesus  
  • Scripture Memory = putting God’s Word in my heart

Upward is a team sport not only for the soccer players but also for the church members! I look forward to seeing you on the “field”!

I love being your pastor,


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